I do have one complaint. My daughter can’t sit through one meal without getting out of her seat to do one dance or another. She acts out scenes continuously, and, she has announced that she wants to be a director when she grows up.

- Shana, parent

My daughter is looking forward to being with MET2 for a very long time. She is living and breathing theatre. As she said, she’s going to be “acting in MET2 plays even when I’m grown up and have my own business”. I hope you find that as amusing as I did. Thank you for all you do to put on these performances. Thank you for your direction, devotion, and leadership. Thank you for the self-esteem and discipline you give to these kids. And, thank you for allowing me to see my children blossom on stage. It is a feeling that is indescribable.

- Evette, parent

We’ll definitely be with the next show again. I wanted to thank you for making this such a great experience for my daughter in Group A. This morning she is crying because there is “only” one show today—she wishes there were 5. And she’s going to be very sad when the show is over tomorrow. I’ve had a wonderful opportunity as a volunteer with the backstage folks (a great group of people!), and I can’t wait to see the show tonight!

- Connie, parent

Thank you again for a spectacular show…Last night was phenomenal. All the kudos from the public officials were more than well-deserved and it was such a fitting way to celebrate 25 years of excellence. It was an exceptional evening. My daughter was on such a high. She truly is happiest when she is on stage or working with Ali. Thank you for providing such a rich experience for her to grow.

- Wendy, parent

I was impressed with yesterday’s session. The methods of your Artistic Director, Alison Bretches, and the young adults who work with her, are affirming and fun–good application of educational theories. My daughter loved the acting games and the positive vibes throughout the short afternoon session. I have read your material and find the goals good. We’re happy to be enrolled!

- Melinda, parent

Our daughter has truly enjoyed her time at MET2 and we are seeing her really start to flourish as a performer. We love seeing her perform and, even more, love that she is having such a wonderful time with your organization. On behalf of our daughter, thank you for your confidence in her and for the wonderful job you do with her and all the children. We feel so privileged to have become part of the MET2 community.

- Kathy, parent

My children could not have wished for a better musical with which to (temporarily) end their MET2 journey. My children’s lives are richer today with precious memories because Alison, Kathie, and Kaeli, and the rest of the amazing world that is MET2 have enriched their souls. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.

- Arlene, parent

We are really enjoying the program and are amazed at the level of professionalism the program has. I never knew programs at this level existed when I was in my youth and I thank you and all of MET 2 for offering this opportunity to our youngsters today.

- Leah, parent

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group. My daughter and I had such a great experience with this production. This was her very first experience with any kind of theater company and after the few short months we’ve spent with MET2, her love for the performing arts has flourished and she can’t wait for the next chance to act, sing, and dance on stage. I was told beforehand what a wonderful organization MET2 was and you and the families involved have managed to meet and exceed my expectations. Thank you again for all your hard work to make this a successful production and once again keeping the arts alive in so many hearts. Thank you again for all you do. I know it is not easy to manage so many families, volunteers, and young children, but I wanted to send my appreciation one more time. I know there are so many facets involved in doing what you do, but it is clear that a passion for the arts and live theatre is what brings together so many wonderful people.

- Gina, parent

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience with Peter Pan! My daughter so thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the cast of Peter Pan! And she absolutely adored Ali and Kaeli! All of your volunteers and staff were so kind to us and extremely helpful! My parents were really impressed with the entire production, and every aspect from the rehearsals to the actual production was very well-organized! Our friends and family thought the show was extremely professional! We all love MET2!! We’ll be back! Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

- Shari, parent

I want to take the opportunity to say that you and your team do a tremendous awesome job. It is fascinating how you all can pull together these high quality shows in such a short time. That just demonstrates how dedicated, professional, and talented you all are. Have a wonderful day!

- Daniela, parent

I wanted to thank everyone who helped make for a wonderful show Friday, and last evening, with the production of The Music Man. This was my son’s first time in theater, and more than a wonderful show my family enjoyed, it was a beneficial experience for my son. I realized theater is not only a fun experience for the children, they make new friends, learn how to follow directions under stressful times (not always easy for many of our kids), and to learn self-control. That is a challenge for us parents of young kids, so your reinforcement is needed. As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Thank you for helping all of us parents to raise our children!

- Rene, parent