Our family is so grateful to have come upon such an amazing group. MET2 does an astounding job of making every cast member feel like a star and in turn help their selfesteem soar, which is invaluable to their future successes. Thank you for your dedication to the kids, for teaching them that hard work pays off and that they are each special and valuable. They are learning to bring the best of themselves for the good of the whole group. The ability to work together to accomplish something great is an amazing life lesson. Maybe MET2 needs to go to Washington and work with congress. Ha ha! It has been a pleasure to volunteer and help out as much as we could and getting to know other wonderful families. We look forward to many, many more splendid shows and fabulous memories.

- Maria, parent

I had to write and thank you all again for your wonderful work and dedication! The Music Man was my son’s first experience with the performing arts and it made a lasting impression – we can’t seem to pass a Wells Fargo bank without him breaking out into song and dance! He’s created many fond memories from the time he spent learning and laughing with you all and for that we thank you. I hope this message finds each of you well. Thanks so much for the positive impact you’ve made on our son and for igniting his newfound passion for the arts. – Dolly, parent • Thanks so much for taking such good care of the kiddos. As a “newbie” family we are quite happy with the organization and communication you have with the kiddos and the parents. Thanks.

- Kelly, parent

You guys have given my daughter so much. She’s directed and choreographed many school productions and certainly raised the bar of what the school was used to by using the techniques that Ali has taught her. She’s enjoyed growing up doing what she loves more than anything, theatre, and you guys have made her into a wonderful performer and more important, a wonderful person. You guys have done that for all of my kids and I will be forever grateful. We love being a part of the MET2 family.

- Lisa, parent

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for such an awesome first musical for my daughter. She loved every single second of it! You are very kind, extremely hard working people and I want to make sure that gets commended. I am sure that a lot of what you hear is what people DON’T like. Well…we liked it all. And all of you. Thanks again! You guys rock!!

- Jennifer, parent

Loved, loved, loved the show last night! I send my kid to practice week after week and I have no idea what the story is about! The singers and songs were amazing! The little ones…were adorable! As always another funtastic show! Yes I spelled FUN-tastic show! Thank you for all you do!!!! You and your crew are AMAZING and we appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

- Gina, parent

I meant to email you sooner to thank you for all the great experiences that we’ve had with MET2. It’s truly been a gift to our family. The confidence it’s given to our children has been so amazing. I’m sure you hear it all the time but I wanted to let you know how appreciated you are in our house.

- Erin, parent

I had the pleasure of seeing the show with my daughters first grade. How can I get tickets to bring my family? My other kids would love it. I was amazed at the work all the kids did and they looked so happy and you can tell how proud they were. Thank you.

- Laura, audience member

I just wanted to thank the staff at MET for a great show and being so attentive to my classes’ needs at the performance. Everyone was extremely helpful and gracious in helping us find our way and making sure that we were accommodated. Thank you again. We look forward to attending the show next year.

- Ross, audience member

I didn’t want the evening to end without extended a high flying thank you for today’s performance. The children were beyond mesmerized, and your amazing crew of ushers made every one of us feel like VIPS. The front row seats were fantastic!! Pixie dust to you all on a job well done!!

- From A Teacher

By the way your info educational curriculum packet is wonderful. This is what I used to do in the UK and I have not found a packet as thorough as yours since coming to the U.S. Great job! See you next week.

- Gina, educator

I want to thank you for a great field trip yesterday. The students loved, loved, LOVED the show!!! It was fabulous! And our teachers are also so pleased with the trip and how “easy” it was, even for kindergarten. Hopefully we can do it again next year. Good luck with the rest of the shows. I hope everyone is feeling really proud of the work they’re doing because they deserve high praise — it’s high quality. Thanks again.

- Cristina, educator