I just want to say thank you to all of MET2 staff for organizing the Oliver! show. It was my first time participating in educational theater. I thought the production was absolutely amazing! I especially want to thank Ali for the professional theatrical instructions, Kaeli for perfect dance steps, and Ryan for the beautiful music…Additionally, I want to let you know that I was impressed with the interactions among the different age groups. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful parents, super cool kids, and incredibly talented professionals. I think the opportunity and experience MET2 offers to the youth community is one-of-a-kind…so thank you again!!

- Kim, cast member

I have so many fond memories growing up with MET2 and you guys have done so much for my family and me over the years that have helped us grow and love theater! Thank you again!

- Derek, former student

MET2 has been the most amazing experience for me, and I’ve loved it from the moment I walked into the first rehearsal. MET2 has given me passion, discipline, an excellent work ethic, friends, family, and memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have been so blessed to have grown up with such an amazing theater company. Thank you for every opportunity you have blessed me with. MET2 showed me what I love most in life and why I would want to pursue musical theater as a career. You have always been there to support not just myself, but my sister and mom as well. I will never know how to thank you. I am so honored, blessed and privileged to call you my mentors, teachers, and family.

- Angelica, former student

I really want to thank you for being such an inspiring director and role model to me. Since I was four I have been a part of MET and now, almost 11 years later, I am still learning more and more every show! MET has provided an outlet for my love of the arts. I honestly don’t know what kind of person I would be without you guys. I am not sure if you know the positive impact you have had in my life. From little life lessons during rehearsal to teaching us how to become better actors, I have been able to take away many things that will help me through my life. MET is my second family, we all have at least one common interest, a passion for the arts! I have made many good friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime and I am grateful for that! Thank you.

- Laila, student

MET2 has changed my life. It was the first company I ever performed with, and it has helped me through everything. Performing with them is a dream come true and I am so glad that I got the Seussical flyer in 2009. Everyone working with MET2 is like family to me; we all love each other and we all feel safe with each other. I can be myself with MET2 without feeling like I need to change. MET2 has been an opportunity of a lifetime and I wouldn’t change a thing.

- Carissa, age 13

Being a part of MET2 for over a decade has been by far the most significant part of my life. Without this stellar program, I wouldn’t be the person I am today nor would I have been able to find my passion for the arts. The staff at MET2 have made me feel extremely welcomed since the beginning of my first production. I credit MET2 for building my confidence, imagination, and artistic abilities. I will always cherish the lessons, friendships, and memories made through MET2.

- Moises, age 16

I really like going to rehearsals because we learn a lot through theater games and I like making new friends. I think the way they cast is different from other places and gives more kids a chance to get a part in the show when they double, triple cast, sometimes even quadruple cast. But, even if you don’t get a big role, it is really super fun to be in the chorus and just be a part of it. Everyone has a happy & supportive attitude. Ally is a great director and a lot of fun, too

- Macy, student, age 11

I absolutely love MET2!!!! I performed in two shows with them before I moved across the country. I love how the cast and staff made me feel like family. Ali believed in me and made me want to work hard on and offstage and at school too. I looked forward to tech rehearsals because the friends I made were so great and the parents who worked on the shows were amazing too! They inspired me to take risks and go out for what I want, and this has helped me in every part of my life. I used to feel like I was a shy kid that hid in the shadows…but not anymore. Now I have dreams of being on Broadway someday and MET2 has helped give me confidence that someday my dream may come true. I will always hold on to my best memories at MET2!

- Paige, age 8

This is our first experience with MET2 and we were very impressed with the organization and communication. The shows this weekend were absolutely wonderful and it was a joy to be involved. Our daughter had a wonderful time and took her group role seriously. We will definitely be back for future productions. Absolutely wonderful!

- Kim, parent

I just want you to know that my daughter would never have gotten up in front of a room with several hundred people to sing a song before her experience and successes with MET2. She has always been a bright and a good kid, but her self-confidence is so great now as a result of her experiences with MET2, and knowing my daughter, she will be involved with MET2 for many years to come. Thank you for what you guys give to these kids.

- Andy, parent

This past Sunday, my daughter came to rehearsal directly from her first piano recital, which didn’t go so great. Well, thanks to your keen sense of kids and your coaxing, you got her to play her recital piece on the piano in front of everybody at Group A rehearsal! You have NO idea how amazing that was. I cannot thank you enough. She came out of rehearsal with a very big smile and felt so proud of herself. Truly, it is your incredible energy and spirit that makes them feel great about being a part of the MET. Having done what you do on and off for 20 years, I know quality when I see it. You are amazing with kids (even when you’re stressed)! So thank you for giving them such a positive experience.

- Cathy, parent and educator

I just wanted to tell you how Seussical blew me away. The choreography was unbelievable and you could tell the cast loved the dancing!! The costumes, sets, and props used were phenomenal. The lighting was perfect!!! Your vision for this show touched me in such a way that it caused me to have such raw emotion. Thank you for giving the audience such a wonderful gift, we were taken away from our daily lives for an hour and half of pure pleasure and delight. You inspire so many people on so many different levels.

- Deb, parent